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connectors experimental galera main
Marko Mäkelä
Merge MDEV-26827
Marko Mäkelä
MDEV-26826 The guess in buf_page_get_gen() may not be helpful

buf_page_get_low(), buf_page_get_gen(): Remove the parameter "guess".
We will have to access the buf_pool.page_hash anyway, in order to
acquire the page_hash_latch. So, knowing the block upfront might only
help us in case the block is behind a deep hash bucket.

We will also remove the build option WITH_INNODB_ROOT_GUESS,
any references to the preprocessor symbol BTR_CUR_ADAPT,
as well as the data fields
trx_undo_t::guess_block and btr_search_t::root_guess.
Jan Lindström
MDEV-26815 : galera.galera_ftwrl_drain fails with wrong errno 1146

Add wait_conditions to stabilize
Vicențiu Ciorbaru
Fix MIPS build failure: Handle unaligned buffers in connect's TYPBLK class

On MIPS platforms (and probably others) unaligned memory access results in a
bus error. In the connect storage engine, block data for some data formats is
stored packed in memory and the TYPBLK class is used to read values from it.
Since TYPBLK does not have special handling for this packed memory, it can
quite easily result in unaligned memory accesses.

The simple way to fix this is to perform all accesses to the main buffer
through memcpy. With GCC and optimizations turned on, this call to memcpy is
completely optimized away on architectures where unaligned accesses are ok
(like x86).

James Cowgill <jcowgill@debian.org>
Sergei Krivonos
Implemented Json_writer_array & Json_writer_object subitems name presence control
Marko Mäkelä
fixup! 5f8ed856580b67ad93599dd66b6352c9c58855b9
Nayuta Yanagisawa
fix variable initialization
Andrei Elkin
MDEV-26712 row events never reset thd->mem_root

but must do that at the end of the statement.
A provide template patch is elaborated also to match
to the upstream fixes of the very same bug.
Nayuta Yanagisawa
Revert "minimize fix"

This reverts commit 4effc54fbcdd4ce866b20cb3c5a55c8adac18b4e.
Nayuta Yanagisawa
MDEV-26544 Assertion `part_share->auto_inc_initialized' failed in ha_partition::get_auto_increment on INSERT

The partition storage engine ignores return (error) values of
handler::info(). As a result, a query that should be aborted is
not aborted and then the server violates the assertion.
Alexander Barkov
MDEV-23408 Wrong result upon query from I_S and further Assertion `!alias_arg || strlen(alias_arg->str) == alias_arg->length' failed with certain connection charset

There were two independent problems which lead to the crash
and to the non-relevant records returned in I_S queries:

- The code in the I_S implementation was not secure
  about values with 0x00 bytes.
  It's fixed by using check_db_name() and check_table_name()
  inside make_table_name_list(), and by adding the test for
  0x00 inside check_table_name().

- The code in Item_string::print() did not convert
  strings without introducers when restoring
  the CREATE VIEW statement from an Item tree.
  This made wrong literals inside the "query" line in the view FRM file
  in cases when the VIEW parse time
  That's fixed by adding a proper conversion.

  This change also fixed a similar problem in SHOW PROCEDURE CODE -
  the literals were displayed in wrong character set in SP instructions
  in cases when the SP parse time
Vicențiu Ciorbaru