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connectors experimental galera main
MDEV-22179 rr(record and replay) support for mtr

This feature adds the support for rr in mtr. These 2 options are added
--rr        run  the mysqld in rr record mode
--rr_option= run the rr with custom record option, for multiple
            options use --rr_option= for each option.
            For example
              ./mtr main.view --rr_option=-h --rr_option=-u --rr_option=-c=23
--boot-rr    run the mysqld performing bootstrap in rr record mode

Recording are stored in mysql-test/var/rr folder.
To run recording please run
rr replay var/rr/mysql-X

Restart will create a new recording.
Repeat will work on same recording , So might be harder to debug.
If test create the multiple instance of mariadb all will be stored in var/rr
Dmitry Shulga
MDEV-16708: Unsupported commands for prepared statements

Fixed the bug in handling queries where select list contains subqueries
with items referencing to items in outer query
Marko Mäkelä
Various cleanup

Consistently protect deferred_spaces with recv_sys.mutex.

For deferred tablespace recovery, if log for other pages than
initializing page 0 is found, require innodb_force_recovery to start up.

FIXME: mariabackup.mdev-14447 fails!

FIXME: innodb.innodb_bulk_create_index_debug occasionally fails
to recover!
Marko Mäkelä
Make innodb.log_file_name more stable
Sachin Kumar
Fix review comments
Julius Goryavsky
MDEV-23580: WSREP_SST: [ERROR] rsync daemon port has been taken

This commit contains a large set of further bug fixes and
improvements to SST scripts for Galera, continuing the work
that was started in MDEV-24962 to make SST scripts work smoothly
in different network configurations (especially using ipv6) and
with different environment settings:

1) The ipv6 addresses were incorrectly handled in the SST script
    for rsync (incorrect address substitution for establishing a
    connection, incorrect address substitution for bind, and so on);
2) Checking the locality of the ip-address in SST scripts did not
    support ipv6 addresses (such as "[::1]"), which were falsely
    identified as non-local ip, which further did not allow running
    two SSTs on different local addresses on the same machine.
    On the other hand, this bug masked some other errors (related
    to handling ipv6 addresses);
3) The code for checking the locality of the ip address was different
    in the SST scripts for rsync and for mysqldump, with individual
    flaws. This code is now made common and moved to wsrep_sst_common;
4) Waiting for the start of the transport channel (socat, nc, rsync,
    stunnel) in the wait_for_listen() and check_pid_and_port() functions
    did not process ipv6 addresses correctly in all cases (not for all
5) Waiting for the start of the transport channel (socat, nc, rsync,
    stunnel) in the wait_for_listen() and check_pid_and_port() functions
    for some code branches could give a false positive result due to
    the textual match of prefixes in the port number and/or PID of
    the process;
6) Waiting for the start of the transport channel (socat, nc, rsync,
    stunnel) was supported through different utilities in SST scripts
    for mariabackup and for rsync, and with various minor flaws in
    the code. Now the code is still different in these scripts, but
    it supports a common set of utilities (lsof, ss, sockstat) and
    is synchronized across patterns that used to check the output
    of  these utilities;
7) In SST via mariabackup, the signal about readiness to receive data
    is sometimes sent too early - immediately after listen(), and not
    after accept() (which are called by socat or netcat utility).
8) Checking availability of the some options of some utilities was
    done using the grep pattern, which easily gives false positives;
9) Common name (CN) for local addresses, if not explicitly specified,
    is now always replaced to "localhost" to avoid the need to generate
    many separate certificates for local addresses of one machine and
    not to depend on which the local address is currently used in test
    (ipv4 or ipv6, etc.);
10) In tests galera_sst_mariabackup_encrypt_with_key_server and
    galera_sst_rsync_encrypt_with_key_server the correct certificate
    is selected to avoid commonname (CN) mismatch problems;
11) Further refactoring to protect against spaces in file names.
12) Further general refactoring to eliminate bash-specific constructs
    or to improve code readability;
13) The code for setting options for the nc (netcat) utility was
    different in different scripts for SST - now it is made identical.
14) Fixed long-time broken encryption via xbcrypt in combination with
    mariabackup and added support for key-based encryption via openssl
    utility, which is now enabled by default for encrypt=1 mode (this
    default mode can be changed using a new configuration file option
    "encypt-format=openssl|xbcrypt", which can be placed in the [mysqld],
    [sst] or in the [xtrabackup] section) - this change will allow us
    to use and to test the encypt=1 encryption without installing
    non-standard third-party utilities.
Marko Mäkelä
Allow the deferred recovery of an empty .ibd file

FIXME: innodb.log_file_name hangs
Marko Mäkelä
Marko Mäkelä
Merge 10.6
Marko Mäkelä
Julius Goryavsky