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connectors experimental galera main
Alexander Barkov
MDEV-21065 UNIQUE constraint causes a query with string comparison to omit a row in the result set
Anel Husakovic
Using `variables` instead of `values` in mysqld --help documentation would be more accurate
Daniel Bartholomew
bump the VERSION
Hashir Sarwar
Fixed some typos in mysql.cc

Closes #1403
Sergei Golubchik
MDEV-20971 ASAN heap-use-after-free in list_delete / heap_close

Don't save/restore HP_INFO as it could be changed by a concurrent thread.
different parts of HP_INFO are protected by different mutexes and
the mutex that protect most of the HP_INFO does not protect its open_list

As a bonus, make heap_check_heap() to take const HP_INFO* and not
make any changes there whatsoever.
Eugene Kosov
MDEV-21774 Innodb, Windows : restore file sharing logic in Innodb

recv_sys_t opened redo log files along with log_sys_t. That's why I
removed file sharing logic from InnoDB
in 9ef2d29ff44de2013c95666a011b993e5c2e5674
But it was actually used to ensure that only one MariaDB instance
will touch the same InnoDB files.

os0file.cc: revert some changes done previously

mapped_file_t::map(): now has arguments read_only, nvme

file_io::open(): now has argument read_only

class file_os_io: make final

log_file_t::open(): now has argument read_only
Varun Gupta
Fixing a typo
Sergei Golubchik
tokudb: fix to compile with gcc 9.2.0
Marko Mäkelä
MDEV-12353: Reduce log volume by an UNDO_INIT record

We introduce an EXTENDED log record for initializing an undo log page.
The size of the record will be 2 bytes plus the optional page identifier.
The entire undo page will be initialized, except the space that is
already reserved for TRX_UNDO_SEG_HDR in trx_undo_seg_create().

mtr_t::undo_create(): Write the UNDO_INIT record.

trx_undo_page_init(): Initialize the undo page corresponding to the
UNDO_INIT record. Unlike the former MLOG_UNDO_INIT record, we will
initialize almost the entire page, including initializing the
TRX_UNDO_PAGE_NODE to an empty list node, so that the subsequent call
to flst_init() will avoid writing log for the undo page.
Daniel Black
MDEV-15503: mtr fix --strace

$glob_mysql_test_dir was the wrong directory for strace output as
it was for in-tree builds only so failed for:
* out of tree builds
* --parallel; and
* --mem

strace output wasn't saved.

strace-option never replaced existing arguments (so ammended

strace-client didn't accept an argument as described.

Replaced specification of client with this with 'stracer' to be
consistent with --debugger option.

For consistency with debugger options, --client-strace was added to
execute the strace on the mysqltest.

Example: Running one test

$ ./mtr --strace --client-strace funcs_1.is_table_constraints
Logging: ./mtr  --strace --client-strace funcs_1.is_table_constraints
vardir: /home/anel/mariadb/5.5/mysql-test/var
Checking leftover processes...
Removing old var directory...
- WARNING: Using the 'mysql-test/var' symlink
Creating var directory '/home/anel/mariadb/5.5/mysql-test/var'...
Checking supported features...
MariaDB Version 5.5.67-MariaDB-debug
Installing system database...
- SSL connections supported
- binaries are debug compiled
Collecting tests...


TEST                                      RESULT  TIME (ms) or COMMENT

worker[1] Using MTR_BUILD_THREAD 300, with reserved ports 16000..16019
funcs_1.is_table_constraints            [ pass ]  1270
The servers were restarted 0 times
Spent 1.270 of 3 seconds executing testcases

Completed: All 1 tests were successful

$ find -L . -name \*strace -ls
      653    56 -rw-r--r--  1 anel    anel        57147 Nov 29 15:08 ./var/log/mysqltest.strace
      646  1768 -rw-r--r--  1 anel    anel      1809855 Nov 29 15:08 ./var/log/mysqld.1.strace

Example: Running test in parallel

$ mysql-test/mtr --strace --client-strace  --mem --parallel=3  main.select
Logging: /home/dan/software_projects/mariadb-server/mysql-test/mysql-test-run.pl  --strace --client-strace --mem --parallel=3 main.select
vardir: /home/dan/software_projects/build-mariadb-10.3/mysql-test/var
Checking leftover processes...
Removing old var directory...
Creating var directory '/home/dan/software_projects/build-mariadb-10.3/mysql-test/var'...
- symlinking 'var' to '/dev/shm/var_auto_0v2E'
Checking supported features...
MariaDB Version 5.5.67-MariaDB
- SSL connections supported
Collecting tests...
Installing system database...


TEST                                  WORKER RESULT  TIME (ms) or COMMENT

worker[1] Using MTR_BUILD_THREAD 300, with reserved ports 16000..16019
worker[3]  - 'localhost:16040' was not free
worker[2] Using MTR_BUILD_THREAD 301, with reserved ports 16020..16039
worker[3] Using MTR_BUILD_THREAD 303, with reserved ports 16060..16079
main.select                              w1 [ pass ]  7310
The servers were restarted 0 times
Spent 7.310 of 11 seconds executing testcases

Completed: All 1 tests were successful.

$ find mysql-test/var/ -name \*strace -ls
  5213766  1212 -rw-r--r--  1  dan      dan      1237817 May 20 16:47 mysql-test/var/1/log/mysqltest.strace
  5214733  13016 -rw-r--r--  1  dan      dan      13328335 May 20 16:47 mysql-test/var/1/log/mysqld.1.strace

$ mysql-test/mtr --strace --client-strace --strace-option='-e' --strace-option='trace=openat'  --mem --parallel=3  main.select
$ find mysql-test/var/ -name \*strace -ls
  5220790      8 -rw-r--r--  1  dan      dan          6291 May 20 17:02 mysql-test/var/3/log/mysqltest.strace
  5224140    308 -rw-r--r--  1  dan      dan        314356 May 20 17:02 mysql-test/var/3/log/mysqld.1.strace
$ more mysql-test/var/3/mysqltest.strace
1692  openat(AT_FDCWD, "/home/dan/software_projects/mariadb-server/libmysql/.libs/tls/x86_64/x86_64/libpthread.so.0", O_RDONLY|O_CLOEXEC) =
-1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
1692  openat(AT_FDCWD, "/home/dan/software_projects/mariadb-server/libmysql/.libs/tls/x86_64/libpthread.so.0", O_RDONLY|O_CLOEXEC) = -1 ENOE
NT (No such file or directory)

Closes #600
Marko Mäkelä
MDEV-12353: Reduce log volume by an UNDO_APPEND record

We introduce an EXTENDED log record for appending an undo log record
to an undo log page. This is equivalent to the MLOG_UNDO_INSERT record
that was removed in commit f802c989ec7410c6f54a77ac41b0566a178cdf62,
only using more compact encoding.

mtr_t::log_write(): Fix a bug that affects longer log
record writes in the !same_page && !have_offset case.
Similar code is already implemented for the have_offset code path.
The bug was unobservable before we started to write longer
EXTENDED records. All !have_offset records (FREE_PAGE, INIT_PAGE,
EXTENDED) that were written so far are short, and we never write

mtr_t::undo_append(): Write an UNDO_APPEND record.

log_phys_t::undo_append(): Apply an UNDO_APPEND record.

Invoke mtr_t::undo_append() instead of emitting WRITE records.
Vladislav Vaintroub
MDEV-21343 Threadpool/Unix- wait_begin() function does not wake/create threads, when it should

Fixed the condition for waking up/creating another thread.

If there is some work to do (if the request queue is not empty),
a thread should be woken or created.

The condition was incorrect since 18c9b34