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connectors experimental galera main
Eugene Kosov
Eugene Kosov
remove unused argument
Eugene Kosov
remove dead code
Eugene Kosov
fix style, make method inline
Eugene Kosov
remove unused argument
Sergei Golubchik
RocksDB: workaround a compiler error on ppc64le

storage/rocksdb/rdb_datadic.cc: In member function 'int myrocks::Rdb_key_def::unpack_integer(myrocks::Rdb_field_packing*, Field*, uchar*, myrocks::Rdb_string_reader*, myrocks::Rdb_string_reader*) const'
storage/rocksdb/rdb_datadic.cc:1781:1: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault

on ppc64le, ubuntu bionic gcc 7.3.0 and debian stretch gcc 6.3.0

The error happens with -ftree-loop-vectorize when trying to vectorize
a particular loop. As a workaround, I rewrote the loop into something
less confusing for gcc.
Eugene Kosov
remove dead code
Eugene Kosov
remove dead code
Nikita Malyavin
MDEV-16429: Assertion `!table || (!table->read_set || bitmap_is_set(table->read_set, field_index))' fails upon attempt to update virtual column on partitioned versioned table

When using buffered sort in `UPDATE`, keyread is used. In this case,
`TABLE::update_virtual_field` should be aborted, but it actually isn't,
because it is called not with a top-level handler, but with the one that
is actually going to access the disk. Here the problemm is issued with
partitioning, so the solution is to recursively mark for keyread all the
underlying partition handlers.

* ha_partition: update keyread state for child partitions

Closes #800
Marko Mäkelä
Clean up some SPATIAL INDEX code

Clarify some comments about accessing an externally stored column
on which a spatial index has been defined. Add a TODO comment that
we should actually write the minimum bounding rectangle (MBR) to
the undo log record, so that we can avoid fetching BLOBs and recomputing

row_build_spatial_index_key(): Split from row_build_index_entry_low().
  • centos6_i386-connector_c: build linux-connctor_c failed -  stdio
  • centos7_x64-connector-odbc: build linux-connector_odbc failed -  stdio
  • centos7_x86-connector-odbc: build centos7-connector_odbc failed -  stdio
  • freebsd_x64-connector_c: build linux-connctor_c failed -  stdio
  • generic_x64-connector-odbc-new: build linux-connector_odbc failed -  stdiowarnings (6)
  • generic_x86-connector-odbc: build linux-connector_odbc failed -  stdio
  • generic_x86-connector-odbc-new: build linux-connector_odbc failed -  stdio
  • jessie_x64-connector-odbc: build linux-connector_odbc failed -  stdio
  • jessie_x64-connector-odbc-new: build linux-connector_odbc failed -  stdio
  • jessie_x86-connector-odbc: build linux-connector_odbc failed -  stdio
  • jessie_x86-connector-odbc-new: build linux-connector_odbc failed -  stdio
  • linux_x64-connector-odbc: build linux-connector_odbc failed -  stdiowarnings (109)
  • linux_x86-connector-odbc: build linux-connector_odbc failed -  stdio
  • opensuse42_x64-connector-odbc-new: build linux-connector_odbc failed -  stdio
  • src_connector_odbc: build linux-connector_odbc failed -  stdio
  • win-connector_c: 'dojob rm -rf win32 && mkdir win32 && cd win32 && cmake ..\src -G "Visual Studio 14 2015" -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug && cmake --build . --config Debug --target package' failed -  stdio