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Categories: connectors experimental galera main
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connectors experimental galera main
Vladislav Vaintroub
fix warning
Elena Stepanova
MDEV-22249 Upgrade testing between major versions in MTR
Sergei Petrunia
Update XPand submodule to commit 653317f
Alexander Barkov
MDEV-22764 Crash with a stored aggregate function returning INET6

Item_sum_sp did not override val_native(). So the reported script
crashed in the default implementation in Item::val_native() on DBUG_ASSERT().

Implementing a correct Item_sum_sp::val_native().
Vladislav Vaintroub
Merge branch '10.3' into 10.4
Marko Mäkelä
Merge 10.2 into 10.3
MDEV-22641: Provide SIMD optimized wrapper for zlib crc32() (#1558)

Existing implementation used my_checksum (from mysys)
for calculating table checksum and binlog checksum.

This implementation was optimized for powerpc only and lacked
SIMD implementation for x86 (using clmul) and ARM
(using ACLE) instead used zlib-crc32.

mariabackup had its own copy of the crc32 implementation
using hardware optimized implementation only for x86 and lagged
hardware based implementation for powerpc and ARM.

Patch helps unifies all such calls and help aggregate all of them
using an unified interface my_checksum().

Said unification also enables hardware optimized calls for all
architecture viz. x86, ARM, POWERPC.
Default always fallback to zlib crc32.

Thanks to Daniel Black for reviewing, fixing and testing
PowerPC changes. Thanks to Marko and Daniel for early code feedback.
Varun Gupta
MDEV-22509: Server crashes in Field_inet6::store_inet6_null_with_warn / Field::maybe_null

For field with type INET, during EITS collection the min and max values are store in text
representation in the statistical table.
While retrieving the value from the statistical table, the value is stored back in the original
field using binary form instead of text and this was resulting in the crash.

Introduced 2 functions in the Field structure:
  1) store_to_statistical_minmax_field
  2) store_from_statistical_minmax_field
Sergey Vojtovich
MDEV-22693 - InnoDB: get rid of casts for rw_trx_hash iterator

Less error prone, stricter type control.
Varun Gupta
MDEV-22303: Incorrect ordering with REGEXP_REPLACE and OFFSET/LIMIT

For character sets and collation where character to weight mapping > 1,
there we need to make sure while creating a sort key,
a temporary buffer is created to store the value of the item by val_str function
and then copy that value back to the sort buffer.
In this case when using a priority queue Sort_param::tmp_buffer was not allocated.

Minor refactoring:
Changed Sort_param::tmp_buffer from char* to String