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connectors experimental galera main
Jordy Zomer
eventscheduler mismatch of my_{malloc,free}, delete

Fix malloc/delete mismatch. This causes a double free in the cleanup.

closes #1845
Marko Mäkelä
MDEV-25869 Change buffer entries are lost on InnoDB restart

buf_read_ibuf_merge_pages(): If space->size is 0, invoke
fil_space_get_size() to determine the size of the tablespace
by reading the header page. Only after that proceed to delete
any entries that are beyond the end of the tablespace.
Otherwise, we could be deleting valid entries that actually
need to be applied.

This fixes a regression that had been introduced in
commit b80df9eba23b4eb9694e770a41135127c6dbc5df (MDEV-21069),
which aimed to avoid crashes during DROP TABLE of corrupted tables.
Thirunarayanan Balathandayuthapani
MDEV-25947 innodb_fts.misc_debug fails in buildbot

- Make innodb_fts.misc_debug test case more stable.
Igor Babaev
MDEV-25679 Wrong result selecting from simple view with LIMIT and ORDER BY

This bug affected queries with views / derived_tables / CTEs whose
specifications were of the form
  (SELECT ... LIMIT <n>) ORDER BY ...
Units representing such specifications contains one SELECT_LEX structure
for (SELECT ... LIMIT <n>) and additionally SELECT_LEX structure for
fake_select_lex. This fact should have been taken into account in the
function mysql_derived_fill().

This patch has to be applied to 10.2 and 10.3 only.
Sergei Golubchik
fix mysqlest crash on ./mtr --sp innodb_fts.innodb-fts-stopword
Sergei Petrunia
MDEV-25630: Crash with window function in left expr of IN subquery

* Make Item_in_optimizer::fix_fields inherit the with_window_func
  attribute of the subquery's left expression (the subquery itself
  cannot have window functions that are aggregated in this select)

* Make Item_cache_wrapper::Item_cache_wrapper() inherit
  with_window_func attribute of the item it is caching.
Marko Mäkelä
Remove a unused variable

In commit 1c35a3f6fd92704d7a135a81c7752f5058aaede5 a useless
computation that used the variable was removed.
Daniel Black
cmake OpenBSD copyright notice correction

Brad Smith made this OpenBSD file based of the
FreeBSD cmake directives in commit ab589043670145c95ff372021bab19464b6036e2
by the Monty Program Ab.

As such the Oracle Copyright header isn't really applicable.
Vladislav Vaintroub
MDEV-23815 Windows : mysql_upgrade_wizard fails, if service name has spaces

The fix is to quote service name parameter, when it is passed to
mysql_upgrade_service subprocess.
Thirunarayanan Balathandayuthapani
MDEV-14180 Automatically disable key rotation checks for file_key_managment plugin

- InnoDB iterates the fil_system space list to encrypt the
tablespace in case of key rotation. But it is not
necessary for any encryption plugin which doesn't do
key version rotation.

- Introduce a new variable called srv_encrypt_rotate to
indicate whether encryption plugin does key rotation

fil_space_crypt_t::key_get_latest_version(): Enable the
srv_encrypt_rotate only once if current key version is
higher than innodb_encyrption_rotate_key_age

fil_crypt_must_default_encrypt(): Default encryption tables
should be added to default_encryp_tables list if
innodb_encyrption_rotate_key_age is zero and encryption
plugin doesn't do key version rotation

fil_space_create(): Add the newly created space to
default_encrypt_tables list if
fil_crypt_must_default_encrypt() returns true

Removed the nondeterministic select from
innodb-key-rotation-disable test. By default,
InnoDB adds the tablespace to the rotation list and
background crypt thread does encryption of tablespace.
So these select doesn't give reliable results.
Sergei Golubchik