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connectors experimental galera main
Vladislav Vaintroub
Fix -Werror=unused-variable in GCC
Sergey Vojtovich
MDEV-17084 - Optimize append only files for NVDIMM

Append cache implementation. Based on libpmem, which is mostly needed for
effecient data flushing from CPU caches.

When append cache is enabled for particular file, data is first stored in a
mmap()-ed circular buffer on faster persistent storage. Background thread
is flushing this buffer to a file on slower persistent storage.

Append caches are stored in regular append cache files. One append cache file
may contain multiple caches.
Vladislav Vaintroub
MDEV-16264 - Replace lock_wait_timeout thread with timer task.
Sergey Vojtovich
Fixup: flush all caches

In reply to:
if we get an error when flushing one file, we should continue flush all the other files!
Sergey Vojtovich
Fixup: update magic

In reply to:
+/* PMAC0\0\0\0 */
+static const uint64_t pmem_append_cache_magic= 0x0000003043414d50;
In allmost all mariadb code, we usually have a magic prefix of:
The current max id is 12, so you could use 13.
sorry, should be 254,254
For example:
uchar    maria_file_magic[]=
{ (uchar) 254, (uchar) 254, (uchar) 9, '\003', };
uchar    maria_pack_file_magic[]=
{ (uchar) 254, (uchar) 254, (uchar) 10, '\001', };
most system have updated 'file' to support mariadb files...
Marko Mäkelä

This will break the recovery of ROW_FORMAT=COMPRESSED pages further,
but the affected tests have already been disabled due to INSERT
not being logged.

btr_cur_log_sys(), btr_cur_update_in_place_log(),
btr_cur_parse_update_in_place(): Remove.

btr_cur_upd_rec_in_place(): Replaces row_upd_rec_in_place()
for the redo-logged cases.

rtr_update_mbr_field_in_place(): Merge with the only caller
rtr_update_mbr_field(), which will write redo log.

rec_set_nth_field_null_bit(), rec_set_nth_field_sql_null(),
rec_set_info_bits_old(), rec_set_info_bits_new(): Remove.

trx_undo_prev_version_build(): Perform the applicable part of
Sergey Vojtovich
Fixup: one background thread for all caches

In reply to:
There is one thread per cache. Isn't that a bit overkill as we will have 3-4 caches?
Sergey Vojtovich
MDEV-17084 - Optimize append only files for NVDIMM

Integration of persistent memory append cache with MariaDB binary log.
Sergey Vojtovich
Fixup: replaced dir->dummy with !dir->header

In reply to:
In create_directory, shouldn't you start with setting dir->header to 0 to make it easy to check if the structure is unitialized or not?
Better to use header than 'dummy' which doesn't tell the user what it's all about.
Vladislav Vaintroub
MDEV-16264 - use srv_thread_pool, globally visible in innodb
Marko Mäkelä
MDEV-17084 - Optimize append only files for NVDIMM

Minor fixes.
Marko Mäkelä