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connectors experimental galera main
Sergei Golubchik
compilation warning on windows
Otto Kekäläinen
Deb: switch from usr/include/mysql to usr/include/mariadb

Matching libmariadb-dev package contents in official Debian repositories,
the MariaDB Connector/C files should go into a folder using the 'mariadb'
name. For compatibility with sources that expect to find 'mysql' stuff,
create a symlink from include/mysql to include/mariadb.
Otto Kekäläinen
Deb: .manpages files should only contain man pages unique to deb packages

All man pages that stem from the actual sources should be installed along
everything else in .install files.
Marko Mäkelä
Follow-up to MDEV-14952: Remove some more btr_get_search_latch()

Replace some !rw_lock_own() assertions with the stronger
!btr_search_own_any(). Remove some redundant btr_get_search_latch()

btr_search_update_hash_ref(): Remove a duplicated assertion.

btr_search_build_page_hash_index(): Remove a duplicated assertion.
rw_lock_s_lock() asserts that the latch is not being held.

btr_search_disable_ref_count(): Remove an assertion. The only caller
is acquiring all adaptive hash index latches.
Otto Kekäläinen
Deb: Match official Debian package libmariadb-dev-compat

Using this package any source that expects MySQL Client libraries should
build without changes. Sources that expect MariaDB Connector C should
build using only libmariadb-dev.

Current MariaDB Connector/C does not build quite identically in
this source tree compared to how it build in Debian official.
The remaining differences are tracked in MDEV-14921.
Sergei Golubchik
bug: ha_heap was unilaterally increasing reclength

MEMORY engine needs the record length to be at least sizeof(void*),
because it stores a pointer there (linking deleted records into a list).
So when the reclength is less than sizeof(void*), it's set to sizeof(void*).
That is done inside heap_create(), and the upper layer doesn't know
that the engine writes beyond share->reclength.

While it's usually safe (in-memory record size is rounded up to
sizeof(double), so even if share->reclength is too small,
share->rec_buff_len is not), it could cause problems in the code that
copies records and expects them to fix in share->reclength,
e.g. in partitioning.
Otto Kekäläinen
Deb: Add missing files into correct packages and rest in not-installed

There was a lot of files generated by the sources that were not installed
in any package. This fixes most of those issues, but not all. Files still
outside any package are in the not-installed, which is used by dh_install.

Also make sure all configuration files are installed to the correct
location that matches layout used by Debian official packages.
Sergei Golubchik
compilation warning on windows

row0mysql.h(872): warning C4018: '<': signed/unsigned mismatch
Otto Kekäläinen
Deb: Fix spelling etc Lintian complaints
Sergei Golubchik