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connectors experimental galera main
Oleksandr Byelkin
fix tests
Oleksandr Byelkin
Merge branch '10.1' into 10.2
Oleksandr Byelkin
Merge branch '10.2' into 10.3
Oleksandr Byelkin
Merge branch '10.3' into 10.4
Eugene Kosov
cleanup redo log

class log_file_t: more or less sane RAII wrapper around redo log file
descriptor and its path.

This change is motivated by the need of using that log_file_t somewhere else.
Marko Mäkelä
MDEV-21509: Work around occasional lost DEBUG_SYNC
Marko Mäkelä
fixup e26f00a15d03938df602f70ab8a10dd4bc56a06c: uninitialized variable
Julius Goryavsky
MDEV-17601: MariaDB Galera does not expect 'mbstream' as streamfmt

Setting "streamfmt=mbstream" in the "[sst]" section causes SST to fail
because the format automatically switches to 'tar' by default (insead
of mbstream).

To fix this, we need to add mbstream to the list of valid values for
the format, making it synonymous with xbstream. This must be done both
in the SST script and when parsing the options of the corresponding
Sergei Petrunia
MDEV-21243: Join buffer: condition is checked in wrong place for range access

Re-commit in 10.3.21-5 based branch:

In this scenario:
- There is a possible range access for table T
- And there is a ref access on the same index which uses fewer key parts
- The join optimizer picks the ref access (because it is cheaper)
- make_join_select applies this heuristic to switch to range:
  /* Range uses longer key;  Use this instead of ref on key */

Join buffer will be used without having called
JOIN_TAB::make_scan_filter(). This means, conditions that should be
checked when reading table T will be checked after T is joined with the
contents of the join buffer, instead.

Fixed this by adding a make_scan_filter() check.
(updated patch after backport to 10.3)
(Fix testcase on Windows)
Sergei Petrunia
MDEV-21383: Possible range plan is not used under certain conditions

[Variant 2 of the fix: collect the attached conditions]

make_join_select() has a section of code which starts with
"We plan to scan all rows. Check again if we should use an index."

the code in that section will [unnecessarily] re-run the range
optimizer using this condition:

  condition_attached_to_current_table AND current_table's_ON_expr

Note that the original invocation of range optimizer in
make_join_statistics was done using the whole select's WHERE condition.
Taking the whole select's WHERE condition and using multiple-equalities
allowed the range optimizer to infer more range restrictions.

The fix:
- Do range optimization using a condition that is an AND of this table's
condition and all of the previous tables' conditions.
- Also, fix the range optimizer to prefer SEL_ARGs with type=KEY_RANGE
over SEL_ARGS with type=MAYBE_KEY, regardless of the key part.
  SEL_ARG(type=MAYBE_KEY key_part=1),
  SEL_ARG(type=KEY_RANGE, key_part=2)
will now produce the SEL_ARG with type=KEY_RANGE.
Marko Mäkelä
Cleanup: Remove mtr_t::m_state

mtr_t::is_active(), mtr_t::is_committed(): Make debug-only.
Marko Mäkelä