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connectors experimental galera main
Fix all warnings given by UBSAN

The 'special' cases where we disable, suppress or circumvent UBSAN are:
- ref10 source (as here we intentionally do some shifts that UBSAN
  complains about.
- x86 version of optimized int#korr() methods. UBSAN do not like unaligned
  memory access of integers.  Fixed by using byte_order_generic.h when
  compiling with UBSAN
- We use smaller thread stack with ASAN and UBSAN, which forced me to
  disable a few tests that prints the thread stack size.
- Verifying class types does not work for shared libraries. I added
  suppression in mysql-test-run.pl for this case.
- Added '#ifdef WITH_UBSAN' when using integer arithmetic where it is
  safe to have overflows (two cases, in item_func.cc).

Things fixed:
- Don't left shift signed values
  (byte_order_generic.h, mysqltest.c, item_sum.cc and many more)
- Don't assign not non existing values to enum variables.
- Ensure that bool and enum values are properly initialized in
  constructors.  This was needed as UBSAN checks that these types has
  correct values when one copies an object.
  (gcalc_tools.h, ha_partition.cc, item_sum.cc, partition_element.h ...)
- Ensure we do not called handler functions on unallocated objects or
  deleted objects.
  (events.cc, sql_acl.cc).
- Fixed bugs in Item_sp::Item_sp() where we did not call constructor
  on Query_arena object.
- Fixed several cast of objects to an incompatible class!
  (Item.cc, Item_buff.cc, item_timefunc.cc, opt_subselect.cc, sql_acl.cc,
  sql_select.cc ...)
- Ensure we do not do integer arithmetic that causes over or underflows.
  This includes also ++ and -- of integers.
  (Item_func.cc, Item_strfunc.cc, item_timefunc.cc, sql_base.cc ...)
- Added JSON_VALUE_UNITIALIZED to json_value_types and ensure that
  value_type is initialized to this instead of to -1, which is not a valid
  enum value for json_value_types.
- Ensure we do not call memcpy() when second argument could be null.

Other things:

- Changed struct st_position to an OBJECT and added an initialization
  function to it to ensure that we do not copy or use uninitialized
  members. The change to a class was also motived that we used "struct
  st_position" and POSITION randomly trough the code which was
- Notably big rewrite in sql_acl.cc to avoid using deleted objects.
- Changed in sql_partition to use '^' instead of '-'. This is safe as
  the operator is either 0 or 0x8000000000000000ULL.
- Added check for select_nr < INT_MAX in JOIN::build_explain() to
  avoid bug when get_select() could return NULL.
- Reordered elements in POSITION for better alignment.
- Changed sql_test.cc::print_plan() to use pointers instead of objects.
- Fixed bug in find_set() where could could execute '1 << -1'.
- Added variable have_sanitizer, used by mtr.  (This variable was before
  only in 10.5 and up).  It can now have one of two values:
- Moved ~Archive_share() from ha_archive.cc to ha_archive.h and marked
  it virtual. This was an effort to get UBSAN to work with loaded storage
  engines. I kept the change as the new place is better.
- Added in CONNECT engine COLBLK::SetName(), to get around a wrong cast
  in tabutil.cpp.

Changes that should not be needed but had to be done to suppress warnings
from UBSAN:

- Added static_cast<<uint16_t>> around shift to get rid of a LOT of
  compiler warnings when using UBSAN.
- Had to change some '/' of 2 base integers to shift to get rid of
  some compile time warnings.

Reviewed by:
- Json changes: Alexey Botchkov
- Charset changes in ctype-uca.c: Alexander Barkov
- InnoDB changes: Marko Mäkelä
- sql_acl.cc changes: Vicențiu Ciorbaru
- build_explain() changes: Sergey Petrunia
Temporary commit to log changes for UBSAN
Dmitry Shulga
MDEV-25108: Running of the EXPLAIN EXTENDED statement produces extra warning in case it is executed in PS (prepared statement) mode

The EXPLAIN EXTENDED statement run as a prepared statement can produce extra
warning comparing with a case when EXPLAIN EXTENDED statement is run as
a regular statement. For example, the following test case
  CREATE TABLE t1 (c int);
  CREATE TABLE t2 (d int);

produces the extra warning
  "Field or reference 'c' of SELECT #2 was resolved in SELECT #1"
in case the above mentioned "EXPLAIN EXTENDED" statement is executed
in PS mode, that is by submitting the following statements:
  EXECUTE stmt;

The reason of the extra warning emittion is in a way items
are handled (being fixed) during execution of the JOIN::prepare() method.
The method Item_field::fix_fields() calls the find_field_in_tables()
function in case a field hasn't been associated yet with the item.
Implementation of the find_field_in_tables() function first checks whether
a table containing the required field was already opened and cached.
It is done by checking the data member item->cached_table. This data member
is set on handling the PRERARE FROM statement and checked on executing
the EXECUTE statement. If the data member item->cached_table is set
the find_field_in_tables() function invoked and the
mark_select_range_as_dependent() function called if the field
is an outer referencee. The mark_select_range_as_dependent() function
calls the mark_as_dependent() function that finally invokes
the push_warning_printf() function that produces extra warning.

To fix the issue, calling of push_warning_printf() is elimited in case
it was run indirectly in result of hanlding already opened table from
the Item_field::fix_fields() method.
Dmitriy Karpovskiy
MDEV-24135: Print warnings in XML, save test retries in XML, save the combinations in XML, replace the special symbols in the XML comment
Marko Mäkelä
Merge 10.2 into 10.3
Julius Goryavsky
MDEV-21484: galera_sst_mariabackup_encrypt_with_key test failed

This commit removes the mtr test galera_sst_mariabackup_encrypt_with_key
from the list of disabled tests because the problem with it has already
been fixed.
Thirunarayanan Balathandayuthapani
MDEV-24971  InnoDB access freed virtual column after rollback of secondary index

- Fixing post-fix failure. In clean_new_vcol_index(), InnoDB has the wrong
offset to store the virtual column
Added malloc_calls to SHOW GLOBAL STATUS for DEBUG server
MDEV-22668: "Flush SSL" command doesn't reload wsrep cert

Trigger `socket.ssl_reload` when FLUSH SSL is issued. To triger reloading
of certificate, key and CA, files needs to be physically changed.

Reviewed-by: Jan Lindström <jan.lindstrom@mariadb.com>
Jan Lindström
Improve Galera SST tests

* Table should have primary key
* Enable wsrep_sync_wait before final selects
* Enable autocommit before final selects.
* Fix joiner monitoring in case of mysqldump.
* Add wait_conditions to stabilize
Marko Mäkelä